2018 Coder Games

ClueCon's Coder Games is a day filled with games and fun for every attendee. Whether you like to code your way to the prize or are a builder at heart, there is something for everyone. You can work as a team or go solo as you utilize the provided materials, including a 3D printer, to build your creation!



An Arduino board CodeFights is about improving your coding skills by solving programming challenges. Some modes are single-player and some are multi-player. Each one is a little different, so be sure to try them all! Take the time to dig into more complicated problems, many submitted by the CodeFights community. Rise up the leaderboard by delivering the shortest solution in your language of choice, or passing as many tests as possible. Submit your own challenge for the community to solve for a chance to be chosen as the featured Challenge of the Week!

FreeCYCLED Hacks

3D Printer printing an old phone Do you like to apply your hacking skills to real life too? Have you ever used a paperclip and a rubber band to fix something? Then this is the competition for you! Show off your skills and win a prize! Build a contraption out of everyday materials that can move a ping pong ball one one foot forward.

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