Coder Games

The ClueCon Hack-a-thon is a day filled with games and fun for every attendee. Whether you like to code your way to the prize or are a builder at heart there is something for everyone. Our sponsors provide world class APIs for our attendees to freely use as they compete for wonderful prizes. You can work as a team or go it solo as you utilize the provided materials and even a 3D printer to craft your creation!

Maker Challenge

An Arduino board The ClueCon 2016 Maker Challenge winners used ingenuity to solve a real world problem. They crafted a device to allow them to take advantage of a sponsored coffee ordering service without running up their roaming bill. Using a provided raspberry pi and arduino sensors to create an awesome LED enabled ordering device!
So what will you create? The possibilities are plentiful!


3D Printer printing an old phone At ClueCon 2016 the top prizes for Build-a-phone went to a beautifully crafted rotary phone and a modern styled touch screen. Both of these teams worked hard to not only configure the software required for a working demo, but also put together a design to house their device.

API Challenge

API Challenge illustrated banner The API challenge returns this year with several API’s to choose from. Brush up on your API’s skills for your chance to win prizes. Check back to see which APIs will be featured for ClueCon 2017!

Life Hacks

3D Printer printing an old phone Do you like to apply your hacking skills to real life too? Have you ever used a paperclip and a rubber band to fix something? Then this is the competition for you! Show off your skills and win a prize!

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