ClueCon 2017 will be offering FreeSWITCH and OpenSIPS trainings on Friday. Both FreeSWITCH and OpenSIPS training will be offered on Friday August 11th from 9am to 5pm with a hearty lunch included.

FreeSWITCH Training


Date: Jul. 27th 2018
Location: Swissotel

Register today for the new and improved FreeSWITCH Training 2.0! Just like the FreeSWITCH code this a new version of our training with added features and improvements. This training will give you a beginner level understanding of how FreeSWITCH works and how to setup your own FreeSWITCH instance. Signup today because space is limited! Please Note: OpenSIPS training is at the same time. You will only be able to attend one.

The training will include the following:
  • A brief overview of FreeSWITCH Installation from packages
  • Directory structure review
  • Basic Configuration
  • Dialplan Configuration
  • Troubleshooting

OpenSIPS Training


Date: Jul. 27th 2018
Location: Swissotel

The concept of this training course is to spend the day building from the ground up a fully operational VoIP system consisting of an OpenSIPS front-ending a cluster of FreeSWITCH PBXes:

  • Registration throttling and aggregation with OpenSIPS acting as a mid-registrar
  • OpenSIPS front-end taking over the traffic authentication and authorization
  • Performing Dynamic and Realtime Balancing over the traffic to the FreeSWITCH servers (with failover)
  • Routing outbound traffic via OpenSIPS for LCR and carrier interfacing
  • Realtime traffic capturing and monitoring with Homer
  • Implementing centralized Presence/BLF support in OpenSIPS front-end
Training Attendees will be provided with access to a pre-installed system running the whole setup - each student will have its own system to follow along and get a hands on experience building the final functional product, plus access to a video library of “OpenSIPS basics” prior the event study fundamentals or brush up on their knowledge An official OpenSIPS "Certificate of Attendance" will be provided for successfully completing the OpenSIPS and FreeSWITCH integration training. From start to finish, each stage will be lead by a different instructor who specializes in that particular component. The evolution of the platform is incremental, the idea being that the same system used in the previous stage will be built upon during the ones that follow. This will allow the students to see and understand the organic evolution of such OpenSIPS and FreeSWITCH platform.

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